Turmeric Life Membership – 1 Year

AUD $30.00 / year

Members only !
24-Hour Access to the Doc
(when he’s awake)

Ba a part of history and help create a bright new legacy
For the future
For turmeric and Golden Paste
For Duggie’s research and new health food company

For Health * Happiness * Hope

Only $30 a year

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G’day everyone,

From little things, big things grow…

Our little Turmeric User Group has grown over 4 years into a very big thing – almost a quarter of a million members now – and has become very time-consuming to manage. I, Doug English, and all the wonderful admins have spent many unpaid hours administering the site, keeping it clean and professional, and it’s hard work. The impact on my vet practice is worrisome and I find myself working about 12 to 15 hours some days.
Turmeric of course powers me through the day!

I envisage a professionally designed and staffed webpage with easy access and well-organised information, and to enable this I would like to start an exclusive member’s site.

The members only, exclusive interaction and information would include:

  • Blog to chat and ask questions on turmeric and other health matters, and professional advice will be given. The Facebook (TUG) interaction will continue, but the subscribed blog will not have all-and-sundry giving advice, only the professionals who you can trust;
  • And direct 24-hour access to Doug himself (when it’s possible);
  • FAQs;
  • Case reports for referrals;
  • Comprehensive turmeric drug interaction lists for easy reference;
  • Research files and notes;
  • Up-to-date news about projects, latest research, and goings on;
  • Fund university research (eg. I owe Charles Sturt University $6,000 for the Equine Gastric Ulcer trial that I have not been able to pay yet) and many more projects stalled for lack of funds. There is still plenty to discover about better turmeric metabolism, and I’d like the support to investigate – many are related to questions that TUG members ask.
  • Be a part of a group to participate in a wholly owned farm and production facility dedicated to turmeric growing and new turmeric product production highlighted by current research. Managed transparently by myself and overseen by you, the members. I have formed a public unlisted company to hold ownership in this and investors will own shares and you will have access to visit whenever you’re free. Ultimately there will be facilities for seminars and accommodation.
  • Discounts and free offers on TU*GO Turmeric Power bars, and other products (from other companies too) that are on the page.

The admins volunteer countless hours every day of the year answering questions on the current site, all in their spare time for no reward, they’re absolutely amazing! And with the influx of a few thousand turmeric newbies every week, many of the questions are repeated and much of the information provided actually has had a lot of research time undertaken by us to ensure scientific validity.

I hope you’ll agree that exclusive membership for a small subscription fee will be beneficial to you, and will help support us all to continue offering the best service and latest research possible.
My thoughts are it will be per year AUD$30


Thank you, sincerely,
Dr. Doug English,  BVSc.


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