List of recommended suppliers

Find out where to get the top turmeric near you.

We ran a poll among a couple of hundred thousand people in the Turmeric User Group to determine the best locations worldwide for good quality organically-grown turmeric.

We have neither received nor asked for any reward from any vendor, this list is simply compiled by single organic votes only, and is available for your review and comment if necessary. We would like to know that these suppliers maintain or exceed or fail their current standards in quality and service.

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  • AUS Aussie Spices Online http://www.aussiespices.com/
  • AUS Brisbane http://www.kumarispiceworld.com/home
  • AUS Changing Habits Sunshine Coast https://changinghabits.com.au/shop/
  • AUS Country Park Herbs https://countrypark.com.au/
  • AUS Green Valley Spices Sydney https://www.greenvalleyspices.com/
  • AUS Horse & Co https://m.facebook.com/horseandco/
  • AUS Kumari Spices www.kumarispiceworld.com/
  • AUS Mane Event Equestrian Supplies http://www.maneeventequestriansupplies.com.au/
  • AUS Planet Organic http://www.planetorganic.com.au/
  • AUS Stance Equine Brisbane http://www.stanceequine.com.au/
  • AUS The Saucy Spice Co http://www.saucyspice.com.au/contact.html
  • AUS The Saucy Spice Co Pambula NSW http://www.bulkspices.com.au/
  • AUS The Source Bulk Foods http://thesourcebulkfoods.com.au
  • AUS Turmeric Life https://www.tumericlife.org and https://turmericlife.com.au
  • AUS Selfhelp Retreat https://www.selfhelpretreat.com.au
  • AUS Walkenny Park Herbs Victoria http://shop.walkennypark.com.au/
  • AUS Lisa McCann Herbs http://www.lisamccannherbs.com.au
  • AUS My Golden Life https://mygoldnelife.org/
  • EUROPE Turmiracle http://turmiracle.com/PRODUCTS.php
  • Canada Bulk Barn Ottawa www.bulkbarn.ca/
  • Canada Canadian Organics http://splendorgarden.com/
  • Canada Earth’s General Store Edmonton http://earthsgeneralstore.ca/whyte-avenue/
  • Canada Jiva Organics British Columbia http://jivaorganics.ca/
  • Canada Kardish Health Food Centre kardish.com/
  • Canada Silk Road Spices http://www.silkroadspices.ca/
  • Netherlands https://www.pit-pit.com/
  • Netherlands Natural Spices https://www.naturalspices.eu/
  • Spain Biosamara http://www.biosamara.pt/
  • UK Chia4UK Organic Health Foods http://chia4uk.com/product/organic-turmeric-powder/
  • UK Cotswold Health Products www.cotswoldingredients.co.uk/
  • UK Equibalancer http://equibalancer.com/
  • UK Frontier Co-Op https://www.frontiercoop.com/
  • UK Golden Paste Company Harrogate www.goldenpastecompany.co.uk/
  • UK Grape Tree Shop http://www.grapetree.co.uk/
  • UK Just Ingredients http://www.justingredients.co.uk/
  • UK Stay Fresh Organics http://www.stayfreshorganics.com/
  • UK Thunderbrook Equestrian https://thunderbrook.co.uk/
  • UK Valley View Animal Feeds Cornwall http://www.valleyviewanimalfeeds.com/
  • UK Yogi Organics http://www.yogiorganics.co.uk/
  • USA Azure Standard https://www.azurestandard.com/healthy-living/red-ape-cinnamon-turmeric-benefits/
  • USA Blue Lily Organics https://bluelilyorganics.com/product/turmeric-root-powder/
  • USA iHerb http://iherb.com/
  • USA Mountain Rose Herbs https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/
  • USA New Naturals Online Virginia http://www.newnaturalsonline.com/
  • USA Starwest Botanicals https://www.starwest-botanicals.com/
  • USA Vitacost Nevada http://www.vitacost.com
  • USA Verdant Kitchen http://www.verdantkitchen.com/
  • USA Pranjali https//squareup.com/store/Pranjali_Turmeric_Paste


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